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Public transit a€“ Local transportation are cheap

Public transit a€“ Local transportation are cheap

  • Haggle with taxi motorists a€“ there are not any meters in Colombia. While rates through the flight terminals tend to be controlled and non-negotiable, everything else merely a point of your own bargaining skill. If you should be browsing simply take taxis, haggle just before get into the car.
  • Capture free hiking tours a€“ most top and mid-sized places in Colombia has complimentary hiking tours. They are a sensible way to understand city on a budget and discover by asking the instructions concerns. My preferred integrate complimentary Walking concert tour Cartagena, 100 % free hiking trip BogotA?, and authentic urban area trips Medellin.

How to Get Around Colombia

The metro in MedellA­n is only around 2,500 COP ($0.76 USD) for a one-way food. Local vehicles are most commonly known types of transport in areas and towns and cities. The fare is usually between 1,000-2,5000 policeman ($0.30-0.80 USD).

Cab become every where, and they are inexpensive. Most costs must not cost above 20,000 policeman ($6 USD). In bigger locations, cab include metered a€“ but prices tend to be set for the small areas. You are able to software like Tappsi or Simple Taxi to be certain you will get a competent cab solution https://besthookupwebsites.net/escort/midland/.

Uber (a ridesharing solution) is means less expensive than taxis, and you will more or less become everywhere for approximately 16,463 COP ($5 USD). You can save $15 off the first Uber drive with this specific signal: jlx6v.

Colectivo a€“ A colectivo in Colombia try a minibus, a provided taxi cab, or big Jeep (and really, whatever else that get you around). These are run by personal owners and are made use of largely for short journeys between areas, and you will must bargain the cost in advance. Because they’re quicker and more immediate than typical buses, they may be furthermore about 30percent higher priced.

It is rather common for tourists to utilize a colectivo. People will often yell out places because they give the avenue, or they’re going to address you to see if you are heading their unique way. It’s easy!

Coach a€“ Intercity vehicles are the most effective way to get around Colombia. a bus from BogotA? to MedellA­n will surely cost around 65,000 COP ($20 USD) while a bus to Quito, Ecuador from BogotA? will cost around 175,000 COP ($54 USD). MedellA­n to Manizales try 42,000 policeman ($ USD) and Salento to Cali is about 27,000 policeman ($8.20 USD). Normally, you will most probably invest 20,000-40,000 ($6-12 USD) for a bus, a lot more in case you are exceeding 9 hours.

Businesses like Bolivariano, Expreso Palmira, and Trejos are all close agencies, as well as succeed very easy to analysis schedules and fares on the sites.

Traveling a€“ spending budget airlines are often cheaper than busses in Colombia, very make sure to research flights 1st. VivaColombia is actually a Ryan Air similar, with very low priced internet based offers and tight luggage limitations. A flight from BogotA? to MedellA­n, as an example, is available for as few as 115,000 policeman ($36 USD).

When to Visit Colombia

Colombia’s area nearby the equator helps to keep the environment pretty regular all through the year, with average everyday temps becoming around 75A°F (24A°C) close to the coast and 45a€“63A°F (7a€“17A°C) at larger elevations.

The peak month for tourism was from December to March, in addition to the month before Easter (Semana Santa). Prices are most costly during this time period, although country overall is quite dry. If you’ve reach enjoy, opportunity your visit when it comes down to Carnival in Barranquilla, which happens every March. This is actually the most significant Carnival, but Pasto and Manizales additionally both have carnivals in the 1st day of January.

Rainy season changes per part. In the mountainous Andean room, there are two dry as well as 2 damp seasons yearly. The driest period happen from December-March then July-August. In Southern Colombia, rain is more repeated, although baths never continue for long.

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